Weik Studio

WEIK MOTION STUDIO is the union of two minds and two hearts, is mixing colors to create something new and beautiful. The first step to create our studio, the first stone! … Was to do what we like!…, animate, and animate with passion and love, hoping to transform and make it tangible and memorable, lasting. Animate and design, for us, is like playing creators of new life forms living in a video format, that live in the imagination of people.

3 years ago we started this Amazing adventure, to profit from our experience in the field of 3D animation, motion graphics, special effects and illustration. And, as we like new challenges and be where we call imagination, we are opening up new possibilities in the areas of shooting and Smartphone applications.

Our employees are specialists in their area, potentiate their skills in managing creative cases finding the balance between technology and art, to give an amazing result for our clients and ourselves.

Not only we develop ideas and projects for our clients, but we also  create our own projects and ideas, that is why we are developing three animated series; Dnotes Musical Faires, Papaya Alien y Rupert reporter, two of them are now in production and the latest in creative process.


We believe in the energy that comes from doing what we love.

Germán Jimenez


Graphic designer graduated from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (1999 Bogotá-Colombia), He began his career as a web designer in a company called Icono Multimedia (Legis SA), developing graphical interfaces sites, here begins his interest in creating animation intros to websites. After 3 years of work in Web design, he decides to start  3D animation and motion graphics work, he develops this new stage  while working in Zero Fractal. In late 2006, leaving the country to study a specialization in 3D animation at the University Pompeu Fabra, he decides to try his luck and stay in Barcelona, he began working for Uranus, a post-production studio developing the visuals for the FURA DEL BAUS, there he begins to work in virtual scenography and mapping. In 2009 he decided to launch his first company called EL INDIO FILMS, company that lasted until 2012. In 2013, he decides to return to Colombia and create WEIK MOTION STUDIO, a company dedicated to audiovisual production and digital content creation.

Luisa López

Director of Special Projects

Artist graduated from the University of Valencia, Spain. She develops her work with exhibitions at various locations including the University of Fine Arts in Tallinn, Estonia. She specializes in 3D animation at the University Pompeu Fabra. From there, she develops her work as an animator participating in projects such as Los Hijos del Agua or the pilot episode DrW.

In 2009, she founded her own studio and from there works as director of commercial projects for advertising.

In 2013 begins the adventure in Bogota with her company: WEIK MOTION STUDIO.

Arena It is his first animated short produced in Bogota.