Did you know that every musical note produced in the world is due to musical fairy?  They take care of the instruments, gather notes and inspire the most amazing melodies…, but our favorites are Fraula y Pan. Meet an amazing place around the corner of your home. The Paco´s music store, a music store full of objects and exotic instruments and …. magic.


  • Generate human values of tolerance through music.
  • With musical instruments children travel to other countries, know other cultures, different musicians… and learn while having fun.


The gibis gibi cause disasters in music store.

Fraula and Pan try to solve the problems.

Everything revolves around an instrument and an original tune composed by a musician for every chapter as collaboration.

We travel to imagined worlds with the instrument in the hands of a real musician.

We return to the music store where Pan and Fraula resolve the conflict.


  • DNotes community, to learn about the instruments and songs and share your experiences with other members.
  • The APP for fun adventures in the store. Pass levels to unlock tools to build your own iBand.
  • The imaginary of the Fairies, a series of short stories that will make us discover the world of fairies.
  • Merchandaising: dolls, official instruments of the series, the great book of music ….
  • Download the original songs of the series.
  • compilation CD of songs from the show.